"In my work I use the body as a medium. Be it my own body or the body of our society in general, it is always in motion: it climbs, it jumps, it clings or it falls, and thus it speaks in shortcuts of what is otherwise hard to articulate. A shortcut binds two places, words or people in a simplified way and has a great potential of being used creatively. My performance for Villa Arson, similarly to my earlier works, reacts to the structure of the given space, which was designed as an art center, an art school gallery and a residency space. The main set of my action is the space around an elevator shaft that is out of use - I use it for a dialogue and a play with the body and subconsciousness of the building. My trip without touching the ground may be understood as a journey through the building/institution or as a abstract shortcut between the ongoing exhibitions. I am intrigued by a subconscious connectivity of the concepts of these exhibitions; I would like to relate to contextual themes of a game and a fight, an event and a story, an uncertainty and a direction." Vojtěch Fröhlich