2013: VARP NY: Erik Mátrai (HU)

Erik Mátrai

1027 Budapest,

Tölgyfa utca 20.


Mail: erikmatrai@gmail.com

Web: erikmatrai.com


1977  date of birth

1998  – 2004 Academy of Fine Art in Budapest (Hungary), Departament of Painting (masters: Attila Kovács and Gábor Nagy)

2004  Erasmus Scolarship at the Universtat Politecnica de Valencia (Spain), Departement of painting and multimedia

2006 Derkovits Award

2007 Márciusi ifjak Award

2009 Fellow of the Hungarian Academy in Rome

from 2009 Doctoral School in the Hungarian Academy of Fine Art

2011 Member of  Studio of Young Artists

2011 Artist Residency in Frankfurt

2013 VARP in New York

2013 Eötvös Scholarship in New York


Selected exhibitions

2012: What is Hungarian? Kunsthalle. Budapest (Hungary)

2012: Hugarica, Knoll Galery, Wien (Austria)

2012: Porticus, Acb Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)

2012: Rectification, collaboration with Erika Baglyas, Godot Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)

2011: Orb 02, Eger, Rossztemplom (Hungary)

2011: Noone belongs here more than you, Budapest, Kunsthalle (Hungary)

2011: My God, Debrecen, Modem (Hungary)

2011: Lux, Dunaújváros, ICA-D (Hungary)

2010: Donumenta, Regensburg (Germany)

2010: The Corporation 10, acb Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)

2010: Land-art Tolcsva, Budapest, Miskolc (Hungary)

2009: Messiahs, Modem, Debrecen (Hungary)

2009: Spazi Aperti, Accademia di Romania in Rome, (Italy)

2009: The parting of the Red Sea, at the Synagogue of the Rumbach street, Budapest (Hungary)

2009: Accademia delle Accademie, Tiempo di Adriano, Rome (Italy)

2008: The new refutation of  time, Hungarian National Gallery (Hungary)

2008: Clear colours, Szombathely (Hungary)

2008: Derkovits exhibition, Ernst Museum, Budapest (Hungary)

2008: Crossroad, Kunsthalle Szombathely (Hungary)

2007: Born in Miskolc, Miskolc (Hungary)

2007: Simply, acb Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)

2007: Crossroad, Rome (Italy)

2007: Arte Fiera, Bologna (acb Gallery)

2006: Elektro, Irokéz Gallery, Szombathely (Hungary)

2006: Open Art, Münich, (Germany)

2006: Arte Fiera, Bologna (acb Gallery)

2005: MEMO, acb Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)

2005: Intro Festival, Műcsarnok (Kunsthalle), Budapest (Hungary)

2005: Descreet Charm, Irokéz Gallery, Szombathely (Hungary)

2004: All over The Corporation Sweden, Skelefta

2004: Art of Movement, Jaroszlawl (Russia)

2003: The Abduction of Europe,Park of the Millenium, Budapest (Hungary)

2002: Fresh, Művészetmalom (Mill of Art), Szentendre (Hungary)

2002: 2nd Festival of Theatre, Pécs (Hungary),The Corporation projekt

2001: Blade, Óbudai társaskör Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)

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