VARP NY: Dominika Trapp

August 1–October 15, 2019 
Art in General, New York

Dominika Trapp graduated as a painter at The Hungarian University of Arts, Budapest in 2012. In her recent research-based solo projects she has dealt with the relation of the individual to ecological crisis and the artist’s competence in this context. In her curatorial work, she attempts to create dialogues for communities that are separated from each other because of cultural, political, geographical or other reasons. With her latest collaborative project, Peasants in Atmosphere, she endeavored to critically interpret the musical heritage of the Hungarian peasantry and build connections between a new generation of contemporary artists and folk musicians through the realization of a joint stage production. In creating the musical piece, they were interested in interpretations of peasant culture that go beyond the preservation of tradition. From the discourses around crises of human-nature relations, their musical concept was inspired by the importance of mourning in the face of scientific facts that bear witness to irreversible environmental change.

Trapp is currently enrolled in the doctoral program of MOME—University of Applied Arts Budapest, preparing for her upcoming solo show in Trafó Gallery Budapest, developing new work for the 2020 edition of the OFF-Biennale Budapest and a group exhibition together with the Hungarofuturist movement in WUK, Vienna. She artist-in-residence at Art in General as part of the Frederieke Taylor Residency Program in collaboration with the International Visegrad Fund and Centre for Contemporary Art FUTURA.