Artists:Amande In, Faycal Baghriche, Basserode, Jacob Borges, Rada Boukova, Cristina David, Daniel Eatock, Fawzy Emrany, Anna Franceschini, Vincent Ganivet, Barbora Kleinhamplová, Pierre Lardea, Caleb Larsen, Wolfgang Lehrner, Marléne Mocquet, Dmitri Obergfell, Kate Owens, Eugenio Percossi, Dragana Sapanjos, Jiří Skála, Viktor Takáč, Jaro Varga, Mai & Naoto Kobayashi

Curator: Michal Novotný


From 14/12/2011 to 26/02/2012


Exhibition of 24 international artists deals with the topic of time. However time is not being considered here as a topic leading to final selection of artworks, but as a topic, which extends this selection endlessly.

Rather than a walk through space, this exhibition invites the audience to wander through the density of time. Its aim is not to recognize and represent different styles and movements but to show, that the unbearableness of wheel of time is only possible to cross with distance and humour.

Some exhibited artworks proceed significant changes within the given time of the exhibition. Doing so, we can think they show us, that art is eternal but artworks temporary. Works get born, mature and die as much as us and any attempt to preserve them in original shape is just a futile effort. But isnt it actually "the end" which necessarily belongs to any beautiful story?

Other works are playing on our perception of time as a line from A to
B. But is it the time, which is the essence of movement, or movement
being the essence of time? And who is it, who finally moves and the
one who stays without movement?

About another works we can say, that they condense time. Years of art practice are densified into few minutes or even seconds of a virtuous gesture. As much as an acrobat over the gulf, who is not presenting only years of training, but rather a moment, where he forgets about it, it connects the second and the infinity into one. But isnt virtuousity finally just a courage?

Further works are making the time present, catching it tied up, showing its traces, sediments. In one moment they present all the process of its genesis. Or actually a decline?

However art finally wins over time. Although we might think it's just a apparent victory, there cant be any doubts about it. The reason for that is, that this vicotry is not growing its validity from any, finally always relative, factuality, but from what has always been making art eternal - its poeticity. Because finally, what is actually "time"?

 Barbora Kleinhamplová / Swearing Solemnly - Tyre Tubing, 2010
Barbora Kleinhamplová / Swearing Solemnly - Tyre Tubing, 2010
Installation, 2 video looped on monitor, variable dimensions
Fawzy Emrany / Habitat, 2011
Fawzy Emrany / Habitat, 2011
Paper, cable, bulb
Viktor Takáč /
Viktor Takáč / "-Are you telling me, the future continues in the past?", 2009
Hardboard, HD video projection, 3'31min, 238 x 120 x 68 cm
Installation view
Installation view
JIŘÍ SURŮVKA: Samostatná výstava 09/12/2016 19/02/2017 JIŘÍ SURŮVKA: Samostatná výstava ROY DA PRINCE 09/12/2016 19/02/2017 ROY DA PRINCE IEVA KRAULE, KASPARS GROSHEVS: Dancing Water 09/12/2016 19/02/2017 IEVA KRAULE, KASPARS GROSHEVS: Dancing Water AUTO ITALIA: SHELL CORPORATION (prezentace / presentation) 01/11/2016 AUTO ITALIA: SHELL CORPORATION (prezentace / presentation) MARTIN ZET: | 24/09/2016 27/11/2016 MARTIN ZET: | MAGICIAN'S RIGHT HAND 24/09/2016 27/11/2016 MAGICIAN'S RIGHT HAND Azar Alsharif (NO/IR) / Diogo Evangelista (PT) / Anna Franceschini (IT) / Matyáš Chochola (CZ) /Henning Lundkvist (SE) / Nuno da Luz (PT) / Ana Manso (PT) / Nikolai Nekh (RUS) André Romão (PT)/ Iza Tarasewicz (PL) MORE THAN LOVERS, MORE THAN FRIENDS 21/06/2016 11/09/2016 MORE THAN LOVERS, MORE THAN FRIENDS Maxime Boidy + Pierre Paulin + Tan Lin; Kasper Bosmans + Marthe Ramm Fortun, Jan Brož + Barbora Kleinhamplová, ​Elaine Cameron-Weir + Carlos Reyes + Ben Schumacher, Andrew Dorsey, Sonja Engelhardt + Thom Kubli, Jason Hendrik Hansma + Vivian Sky Rehberg, Huang Xiaoli + Li Jinghu + Li Yueyang + Yang Zi + Zhang Xiyuan, K.r.m. Mooney, Parallel Practice; Augustas Serapinas; Allison Somers, Nicholas Aung Sung ROBERT ŠALANDA: Passive perpetrator 21/06/2016 11/09/2016 ROBERT ŠALANDA: Passive perpetrator JIMENA MENDOZA: The Notion of Distance (THREAT) 16/04/2016 05/06/2016 JIMENA MENDOZA: The Notion of Distance (THREAT) THOMAS JEPPE: Neo-Lad 16/04/2016 05/06/2016 THOMAS JEPPE: Neo-Lad KASIA FUDAKOWSKI: Meat in Window, Worried by a Wasp 16/04/2016 05/06/2016 KASIA FUDAKOWSKI: Meat in Window, Worried by a Wasp NEOLASTOSCOPE 26/01/2016 27/03/2016 NEOLASTOSCOPE Matthijs Munnik ANNA DAUČÍKOVÁ 26/01/2016 27/03/2016 ANNA DAUČÍKOVÁ INTERMARIUM 26/01/2016 27/03/2016 INTERMARIUM Chto delat, Grupa Azorro, IRWIN, Pavla Malinova, Svätopluk Mikyta, Rafani, Little Warsaw + film Walser by Zbigniew Libera DEBTS EROTIC REVIEW SINAI 13/10/2015 03/01/2016 DEBTS EROTIC REVIEW SINAI Than Hussein Clark