Marek Delong & Anna Slama: Femme Fatale Brewery

+ mural Leon Eisermann

curator Lumír Nykl

11. 8 - 10. 9. 2017 

« There's a malt bubbling in the kettle, which the girl carefully mixes. Steam penetrates her hair and plays with the shadows in the dim light, from which, in the fervor of dance emanates comprehension. She feels maturity, life and vitality slowly flowing inside her. But she doesn’t rush, she knows that between shadows there is also one foreboding. An unknown negation she respects though, because she knows her power. »


Museum-sized monsters arising from under the hands of Anna Slama and Marek Delong evoke shockingly therapeutic deviantart-ish hallucinations. Objects taken out of their subservient status will take back longly denied attention. Plaid fabric, load-bearing carpet, laminated paper, soil substrate, brass plates. Materials and techniques used within proverbial "working activities" in the mindset of an emancipated "creative workshop" with outreach sensory and emotional effect are related to the fascination of manic and enthusiastic machining of traditional modeling masses. Following the models of work with wood in chainsaw carving contests or struggle with iron like in the pseudo-medieval new age "artist blacksmithing". The chosen means are a radical answer to the anonymous hi-tech decorative art of the first half of this decade. Above all, however, they are an expression of desire and credit for the return of expressivity, romantic illusiveness and lyrical sensuality.

Lumír Nykl