Adelá Součková: Time's Weather

Adelá Součková: Time's Weather
opening: 12.6, 18:00
exhibition: 13. 6. - 22. 7. 2018
curator: Eva Skopalová

Time’s Weather has a double meaning: the Latin equivalent of weather is tempestas, a term that refers to both notions of time and weather, which is a duality that remains in Romance languages. In this globalized world, language codes are losing their connotations and are confined to bare denotations. Similarly, we treat symbols as literal metaphors. The tension between mythology and daily existence is the core of Adéla Součková’s exhibition. Questions and worries that exist within every individual become the subject of this reflective weather forecasting, a symbolic expression of everyday life. 

Adéla Součková (HBFK Dresden 2012-2016 / AVU Prague 2007-2014) works with primary gestures, which she expands to different media. Her work gives room for ambiguity but also for straightforwardness. Her works are performative, transcending the boundaries of media and entering into symbolic relationships across shared mythology of everyday life. Her latest projects include On the Earth that Wakes up from a Restless Dream (Czech Center in Berlin, 2017), The Virtual Cave and the Golden Cage (Zwitschermaschine Berlin, 2016). Apart from exhibitions she also works with/in performance and creates authors books. Currently she is the finalist of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award.