Mark Fridvalszki: An Out of this World Event III.

An Out of this World Event III.
by Mark Fridvalszki
Opening: 8. 2. 2019, 18:00. Exhibition lasts until 17. 3. 2019.

E is for Escapism
E is also the most common letter.
Did you know that?
Did you try it?
And if not would you like to try it?

An Out of This World Event III. offers an insight into the rave culture of the nineties and the hauntological atmosphere of the 'end of history'. However this time instead of bending over backward in order to combine dry academic discourse with an ecstatic party atmosphere, we would like to put on a little escapist reenactment for you. Forget about nine-eleven, millennials, Instagram stories, the financial crisis, the Arab spring and Donald Trump. Forget about overwhelming pessimism, climate change and the power-hungry right-wing. Remember what we have been taught in the last decade of the 20th century, drop everything and take to the streets shouting SMASHING THE BEATS BREAKING DOWN THE HOUSE!

curated by Piotr Sikora

The opening will be accompanied by DJ sets delivered by:
Soft and Delicate
Kaa Glo
Saint Leidal The 2nd

From 22:00 AFTERPARTY: Centrála - Holešovice
Power Iet (Vinyl set)
Dirrtina - Blazing Bullets
Saint Leidal The 2nd
El Datel - RAW Rave
Gogoverygoodboy - RAW Rave
free entrance

with the support of RAW Rave

Mark Fridvalszki
(1981, Budapest) / Lives and works in Leipzig

Mark Fridvalszki graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 2011 and was a post-graduate 'Meisterschüler' student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig (HGB, 2014 - 2017). Fridvalszki is the co-initiator and graphic editor of the publishing project and cross-discipinary movement Technologie und das Unheimliche (or T+U, since 2014).

In Fridvalszki's most recent works he creates abstract geometries and 'immaterial' spaces that investigate the dramatic tensions between ruin-like atmospheres and a sentient materialism. An important feature of the artist's toolbar is an experimental approach towards different media: he mingles collages, wallpaper environments, found and manufactured objects, digital printing as well as other printing techniques into room-filling installations. He remains strongly influenced by appropriation, subcultures, attitudes of romanticism and nostalgy as well as contemporary theories of materialism and media archeology.

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