Jan Martinec: How to stop watching a video that never ends

"Dear friends, colleagues, and citizens of the Internet:
We’re a young community and eager to win the future – not just disrupt some old irritating players, but actually win the future. In short, to succeed, we need a social dispute resolution mechanism that allows us to solve a situation where two of us disagree.  

Different organisations have different ways of resolving this. They usually involve telling people what they cannot do, must do, may do and of course, voting. All of this is slowing a movement and lowering morale and energy. It just about sucks donkey balls.

We’re a dis-organization and what we are trying to build is a meta-community.

We don’t believe in voting for two reasons: first, there is no boundary on the electorate that determines who gets to vote, which creates winning by trickery rather than by argument, and second, we don’t want to vote anyway.

Voting is not fun, and people don’t follow when they don’t have fun. Fun attracts people, fun is a requirement for success. 

Instead we believe in the freedom to follow, profit motivation, power of initiative. Genuine leadership. Genuine trust. 

If we look at it from the military perspective, the tactic rules say: "the person who takes an initiative, tends to get it”. We learn from this and we proceed. We adapt and we overcome.

We keep in our minds that liberty is a side effect of profit. Therefore we create Liberty through profit motive. Everybody is free to follow. Everybody is also free to take no action at all.

The future will be won, the liberty we create was never possible before."


Chief Executive Officer"*

*Text based on Rick Falvinge’s 'letter from the CEO’, compiled by Jan Martinec.